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Assistance League of Glendale (ALG) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 philanthropic organization established in 1943.

Mission Statement

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Assistance League Glendale provides effective service focused on the needs of the community.


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Our location is :

               314 E. Harvard Street

               Glendale, California 91205

Our mailing address is:

                Post Office Box 10608

               Glendale, CA 91209-360

Contact us at:

               818 247-4296 or

               FAX 818 247-4451


It was 1937 - the Great Depression was in full force - when a small group of dedicated women came together to form Assistance League of Glendale.

The demand for the philanthropic programs of Assistance League was great. Those first members devoted themselves to working with crippled children, organizing a tumor clinic, setting up a campership program and a volunteer service bureau. Each activity was focused; each was meeting a community need.

Over the years, through major world conflicts, natural calamities (earthquakes, fires and storms), and shifting community needs, Assistance League of Glendale could be relied upon. The services provided by its members have amounted to thousands of hours of personal time, effort and dedication to develop the facilities that were orientated to one mission: to provide assistance to "men, women, and children in need of care, guidance and assistance-spiritually, materially, and physically."

From the selfless actions of the first members' efforts have come today's outstanding philanthropic programs which provide meals and social programs for seniors; clothing for elementary school children in need; SAT preparation classes for high school students; books and reading encouragement for elementary school students, scholarships for students graduating from Glendale high schools and college; and quality pre-owned clothing and merchandise at affordable prices. These programs, which provided services to over 4,000 community members last year, are just part of a record that remains a bright example of what people can do when motivated to reach out to others in a spirit of concern and caring.

Assistance League of Glendale did not rest on its laurels in the past, nor does it intend to rest on them today. As the population of Glendale is growing, so are the needs of its population. Today's membership is motivated and is planning for the future. It is striving to keep pace with the increasing needs of the community with creative and energetic philanthropic programs that address those people on society's margins with an openness and acceptance that promotes emotional as well as physical well being.